Bass Fishing Paulding Reservoir

Bass fishing in Paulding county’s reservoir can yield some nice bass. Like all reservoirs, sometimes it can be challenging to get a bite. Here are some tips and tricks.

Paulding Reservoir is located Here on Google Maps.

It’s a man made reservoir and is about 66 acres. It’s stocked with largemouth bass, saugeye, catfish, bluegill, and crappie. Saugeye are a cross between saugers and walleye and do better than either species in reservoirs.

The shoreline is all riprap and made up of mostly demolished concrete. There is absolutely no natural structure to this lake. Hence, they sunk a ton of artificial structure to help the bass hide. Most of the structure is in the four corners of the lake. In the picture below, the small Xs are where the structure was sunk.

The lake is supposedly 30 feet deep in the middle, we have not been able to confirm this. Using a castable sonar device, we’ve only found the lake to be about 18 feet deep, at least in the areas closest to shore.

Fishing around the structure will be your best bet. Don’t waste time in other areas. Go to the 4 corners and fish those areas. You can use our basic approach to Ohio reservoir bass fishing.

There is a small boat ramp for electric motors only boats.

Fishing in early spring and late fall catches the most fish. If you want to catch saugeye, use a bobber and leeches or night crawlers. The park is closed at night, but you can park on the street and walk in. The gates are closed, so you can’t drive your car in. Saugeye, like walleye, taste good, and hence, a lot of people fish for them.

Use dark plastic worms around cover for bass. Spinner baits have also worked. Topwater baits and frogs can work in the right conditions. We usually start out by trying almost everything and seeing what they bite on. Lipless crankbaits that get to the bottom quickly work very well, as do fake bluegill swimbaits.


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