Bass fishing northwest Ohio’s farm ponds

Bass fishing in farm ponds is incredibly rewarding. These are the least pressured waters located anywhere in the country, and here in northwest Ohio and the rest of the Midwest, we have tons of them. In fact, the Ohio State record largemouth bass was caught in a farm pond back in 1976. And we have caught most of our largest fish in farm ponds.

You can easily pull up Google maps on your phone and look for nearby bodies of water. Anything over a half acre in size will show up. Farm ponds usually run in size from a half acre up to 1-2 acres in size. This also includes golf course ponds and ponds that were dug up to build the highways over 50-60 years ago that are much larger than typical farm ponds.

The ponds that were dug up for highway construction are usually 8-10 acres, but can be as big as 20 acres (like Olander Park), and are spring fed and more natural lakes than typical farm ponds and reservoirs. They have matured and have lots of structure, weedlines, and cover. They usually are much better fishing than reservoirs.

We’ve found that farm ponds contain tons of bass and the bass are huge! Because no one has ever fished them. They will bite at almost anything you throw at them. They haven’t seen many lures and you will catch sometimes upwards of 20-30 bass per hour.

Make sure you talk to the owners and get permission and let them know that you practice catch and release only. They are more likely to let you fish. They are always very friendly.

All of our personal best bass have come from farm ponds. Sure, you will catch a lot of 1-2 pound bass, but occasionally, you will catch the 4-5 pounders. And when you have one of those on your line, you will know it and it will be an amazing adventure. Make sure you use the right bass fishing gear so you don’t lose any fish.

Editor in Chief

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