At Bassing Ohio, we want to focus on northern and midwest bass fishing locations and techniques. Especially around northwest Ohio, southeast Michigan, and northeast Indiana. We are primarily based out of Toledo Ohio, and hence, this is our home territory. We can get to a huge number of lakes within an hour or two of driving. In fact, Michigan has the largest number of lakes in any one state and many of them are within driving distance.

When you hear about bass fishing from most fishing websites, they are generally talking about southern bass fishing.  They discuss bass fishing in Florida, California, Georgia, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, and other warmer climate states. While they have a lot of natural lakes, they also have a lot of huge man made reservoirs.  Fishing in those huge reservoirs in the south is very different than what we can expect in our Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana natural lakes and smaller reservoirs. Our techniques differ, water temperatures differ throughout the year, and our bass growing, feeding, and cover habits are very different. We know our bass very well.

Our staff has been fishing  since the late 1980s and early 1990s. We’ve fished for walleye, bluegill, and most importantly bass. It’s lots of fun and we love sharing our techniques, secret locations, and equipment needed.

We will also be discussing lures, rods, reels, and and all of the equipment you’ll ever need. Everything from basic beginner gear to highly advanced castable sonar bobbers, electronic braking baitcasting reels, and bass boats with their advanced electronics.

We also plan to discuss specific bodies of water, offering expert fishing reports with specific locations and techniques and times of year. It’s hard to get reliable fishing reports. We will tell you which lakes to hit, what time, where to fish, and what to use.

Join us for this fun ride!