Bass Fishing Swanton Reservoir

Bass fishing in the Swanton Reservoir can be lots of fun, but can also be very challenging. Like all of these man made reservoirs, it’s not the easiest fishing and it’s hard to get a bite. Use our basic Ohio reservoir bass fishing techniques to help get you started.

The Swanton Reservoir can be found Here on Google Maps. It’s about 19 acres in size.

The shoreline is all riprap. It seems to be broken up rock and limestone from highway or building demolitions. The pond is stocked with bluegill, largemouth bass, and catfish. In the first week of April, the state of Ohio stocks the lake with trout.

If you are trying to catch trout, usual trout fishing techniques will work. Fly fishing and or a bobber with very small hooks and Berkley powerbait Honey worms.

Unfortunately, the best place for bass fishing is at the furthest west end of the pond along the weed lines and cattails. It’s quite a walk from where you can park. Pack lightly in a backpack.

There is a small boat ramp. Only boats under 14 feet and electric trolling motors only.

The best lures are spinner baits, plastic worms in darker colors, and swimbaits.  Just run them parallel to the weed lines and you will get a nice bite.

There have been reports of walleye, pike, and saugeye caught in some of our reservoirs and most of northwest Ohio’s reservoirs were stocked with these at one point.

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