Bass Fishing Nettle Lake

Bass fishing in Nettle Lake can be very rewarding. Nettle Lake is one of the few natural lakes in northwest Ohio and contains all kinds of fish. Historically, this used to be a fishing only lake. People would travel from all over the country to fish for bass in Nettle Lake. They would camp out at the various campsites and fish for bass. It’s an excellent bass lake.

This is an all sports lake and boat and skier traffic can be crazy on weekends. Your best bet for fishing is to go during the week and early in the morning. You can use all the usual bass fishing techniques that wok on any lake or reservoir.

The lake contains largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, channel catfish, and some northern pike.

The lake can be found Here on Google Maps. The lake is about 110 acres. Parts of the lake are as deep as 24-27 feet. There are three main deep holes. One in the southeast, one in the middle widest part of the lake, and one in the northern area, where it finally starts to narrow, but south of that final small cove.

The entire lake is private property, so you can not shore fish other than the area around the boat dock. The boat dock is in the southwest corner of the lake.

The best places to fish are around structure. Boat docks, shorelines cover, lily pads, weedlines, and deep vegetation. There are man made channels in the lake, and they are full of bass. Some areas are pretty shallow and have a ton of lily pads, especially in the southeast corner of the lake, there is a cove that has a lot of lily pads, but you can find lily pads almost everywhere. A lot of the shoreline has not been developed yet and is still very natural.

A large part of the shoreline contains lily pads, and you can catch a lot of bass on these. A large part of the shoreline also has boat docks, and fishing these docks will yield a lot of fish.

The best lures are spinnerbaits, frogs, flipping jigs, plastic worms, fake minnows and real minnows, and almost anything that you’ve caught bass on. The bass bite at this lake is very good. The best times are early in the morning and late evening. In between those times, you can probably enjoying tubing.

You can catch lots of crappie in this lake. They are mostly under boats and under cover. Just use smaller lures.

You will also catch northern pike. Use larger lures and fish weedlines and underwater vegetation. In the heat of summer, hit the deepest holes for pike. Legend has it that a pike over 5 feet long was caught here in the 1940s.

This is one of the few lakes, where bluegill fishing is not that good. They can still be caught, but not like you’d expect.


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