Ohio Bass Fishing Water Temperatures

In the Midwest, water temperatures are conducive for bass fishing throughout the entire fishing season from spring to fall. We rarely have those severely hot temperatures where bass completely shut down.

In the southern United States, once you get to April and May, the bass bite begins to slow down and doesn’t pick back up until September or October when water temperatures are more moderate. Sure, they still catch bass, but it’s not as easy.

In Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana, our bass are still biting into June and July.  The hottest water temperatures are in mid July and into mid August. And that’s when our bass bite slows down.

Our bass bites picks up the last week of April once water temperatures are above 50 degrees and slows down in late November when water temperatures finally dip below 50.

Our best bass fishing months are June through October when water temperatures are between 65-75. Bass are most active when the water temperature is between 65-75 degrees.

This gives Midwest anglers a huge advantage when bass fishing. With the exception of December, January, February, and March, you can catch bass almost every month. That gives you 8 months of exceptional bass fishing.

Of course, areas in southern Ohio, like Cincinnati, will have temperatures that are about 5-6 degrees warmer than the rest of the state. So you may be able to fishing earlier in April and later into November.

Fishing in the extreme heat in July is no fun. You get, hot, sweaty, tired, and dehydrated. Just imagine what the guys in Florida and Texas are going through. We are uncomfortable when the temperatures are above 90, they routinely have temperatures in the 100+ category.

We are lucky that we have mild and moderate temperatures to fish and that we don’t have to be scorched by high heat, even if we fish on the hottest day in July. We are blessed!

Editor in Chief

Over 40 years of fishing experience in Northwest Ohio, Southeast Michigan, and Northeast Indiana!